Kaito Kirishima

Japanese Name:

霧島 海人


Kai(Tetsurō), Kai-kun(Nanami), Umi-chan(Kaori)


March 29



Blood Type:



1st year


158 cm (5'2")



Voices By:

Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese)
Mitchel Musso (English)

Kaito Kirishima (霧島 海人), is the main protagonist of the series. He is a student in his first year of high school and an avid videographer who constantly out recording on an 8mm handheld camera that he inherited from his late grandfather. Others sometimes refer to him as "The Director". Being separated from his parent, he lives with his sister, Nanami Kirishima, in a house inherited from their grand-father. Lately, he has another home-mate, who is also his upperclassmen. His house, which is considered huge, is often used as a base camp by his friends.


Kaito has unkempt, dark-grey hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses as a result of his bad eyesight. He often wears a T-shirt and light clothing besides his school uniform. The main aspect of his appearance is his camera, which belonged to his deceased grandfather.


At first, he is quite shy and quiet character. Living only with his sister makes him seems lonely, to the point his friends see it as a normal act. He often seen having day dreams of conversing with Ichika and talks out loud sometimes during them. This may even lead to misunderstandings in a comical sense.

Later, he gradually change because of his encounter with Ichika Takatsuki. He becomes more cheerful and gradually making another emotions as result of his affection toward her. His grades are below average.


His story, alongside the whole series, started on one night. When testing his high-speed film video camera on a dam, he sees a bright blue light then an impact has blown him off of his footing and beyond the railings. He sees a hand grabbing his as he fell, bloodied, only to wake up in his futon the next day.

At his school, a transfer student named Ichika Takatsuki comes to a third year class. Somehow, he feel that he know her, despite her as transfer student, to the point that he unconsiously takes her video. This of course causes suspiciousness from his friends who see him doing that. Later, Tetsurō approaches her and her classmate Remon Yamano, proposing that she joins a movie project he and Kaito are planning. They accept it without hesitation. His classmates Kanna Tanigawa and Mio Kitahara volunteered later.

When Kaito goes to test his camera after class, he finds Ichika fishing in the river. He finds out that she has nowhere to go, so he unwittingly offered her to stay at his house, given that his sister will be away for three months. Back home, as Ichika takes a bath, Kaito felt pain in his neck, then sees a flashback of what happened the evening before. Ichika finds him unconscious, with a sign of increased metabolism on the area where that insect bite was. Ichika then calls for her assistant Rinon to stop it, as she kissed him to cure his disease. Exactly as Kanna and Kaito's sister Nanami arrive.

Nanami, who is fainted before, gets to know Ichika as foreign student. Listening to her story, Nanami lets her move in with them to take care of Kaito in her pressence. After seeing Nanami off the next day, and right after shopping for clothes for Ichika, Kaito finds Remon, Tetsurō, Mio and Kanna inside the house;to talk about the movie project. That, and Remon serving them some sort of spiked drink, which had "bad" effects on Kanna. Kaitou again fainted due to the same illness, but Ichika kissed it away. At this event, he almost confesses his feeling toward Ichika, which later stopped by her.

Frustated after his failed attempt to confess to Ichika, he decides to ditch school. Worried Kanna goes to his house to visit him which turned out into a date--thought, he didn't think it as--as the two went to Karuizawa. Ichika sees them from a distance and follows them. Kanna had to leave Kaito when she finds out Remon has been filming their "date." It so happened that Ichika crosses paths with Kaito. Nervous of the prospect that she wants to talk to him, he runs away from her, and a chase ensues. It was all about a misunderstanding--that Kaito wants to know Ichika's secret, while Ichika wants to know who dumped Kaito. When Kaito took some footage of Ichika, it turned out into some sort of an informal confession. Shocked, Kaito stops filming her.

Things turn awkward the next day, but he tries to act normay. More complications arrive when Manami, Tetsuro's married sister, takes a homebound Kaito for shopping. Ichika, who sees them decided to follwed them via teleportation, even at her place. Kaito is forced to go home as she worried about him with other woman...though not without clashing a bit with Manami, acting like an overprotective lover, until Tetsuro comes to settle things up. As an apology Ichika asked Kaito for a favor from him. He asked if she could help him review for the finals, to which she agreed, and helped him study until the final day of exams.

When the summer holiday begins, they started to shoot a film as well helps Ichika to find her dreamed place. Ichika becomes the heroine of their film, while Tetsuro become the hero. As for Kaito who is the Director degraded to be the cameraman, and later the main character of the film--as the result of Tetsuro's continued early death. Surprisingly, Remon, who is in charge of the script, made this film's plot same as their real experience from Ichika's side.

As the next day was a rainy one and filming is cancelled, Kanna goes to Kaito's house to bring some nozawana. That evening, Tetsurō sneaks into Kaito's room, and tells him that Kanna is in love with him. Ichika overhears the conversation.