Remon Yamano
Remon Yamano

Japanese Name:

山乃 檸檬


March 12



Blood Type:



3rd year


139 cm [4'5"]


33 kg



Voiced By:

Yukari Tamura

Remon Yamano (山乃 檸檬 Yamano Remon) is a third-year high school student and a main character in Ano Natsu de Matteru. She is voiced by Yukari Tamura in the anime.


Remon has very long caramel brown hair, which is usually found tied in two ponytails, and purple-colored eyes. She is really short for her age, with a petite frame and a distinctive voice. Unlike the other girls in her school, she wears a different uniform, which results in questioning from Ichika. Outside of school, her clothing choices are very frilly or ruffly and she is usually found in skirts and dresses. Due to her appearance, her clothes make her look like a little doll.


Remon is generally cold towards people, but she befriends Ichika when they first meet. She is good at picking locks and can be quite mischievous, as shown when she makes the rest of the group drink an alcoholic drink then records them sleeping. Additionally, she seems devious, as though everything she does has an ulterior motive.

Remon is also somewhat sarcastic, usually laughing like "uhuhu," though she is almost always seen smiling. Despite her size, she is one of the most mature members of the group, keeping her composure even in frantic situations.


  • Remon claims to have written a script for Lucas in Hollywood (implying George Lucas); for this reason, she ends up being the writer for the group's movie.
  • She claims to have 17 but it is hinted to be much older.


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